downtown "redevelopment" in Tucson

As Gertrude Stein once said about her home town - "The trouble with Oakland is that when you get there, there isn't any there there" - so could we all say the same about Downtown Tucson. Unfortunately for us, the people in a position to do something about this, our supposedly progressive Democratic City Council, seem to be buying the same old tired ideas about new convention centers. These harebrained schemes must have originated deep in the bowels of the real estate developer and Chamber of Commerce communities. Instead of allowing this nonsense to exit out the appropriate end and be flushed into the sewer of stupid ideas, our esteemed leadership keeps regurgitating them so that the community can experience the stench and taste the bile over and over again.

In a city built on the banks of a river-that-goes-nowhere, Rio Nuevo was a particularly appropriate name for the various crackpot schemes put forth for the redevelopment of Downtown Tucson. They too lead into a wilderness of sand and evaporation, just like the intermittently mighty Santa Cruz.

Clinton criticizes former Obama pastor on O'Reilly broadcast

not that anyone reads this, but just for the record:

I went to the Hilary rally over at the University of Arizona a couple of months ago, and even though I had already voted for Obama I was quite impressed with both what she had to say and how she said it. At this point, though, despite Obama's shooting himself in the foot and lackluster debate performance I have to say that the prospect of Hilary as president is only marginally less nauseating than the prospect of McCain.

What is this woman thinking when she appears on **O'Reilly**? I don't want as president anyone who would confer even the slightest legitimacy to that fascist gasbag. Her pandering and posturing is absolutely appalling (and unfortunately in the best Clintonian tradition) It is a suitable follow-up to her moronic proposal to roll back the gasoline tax during the summer (and here I have to reluctantly agree totally that other moron, Tom Friedman).

While we have an overwhelming need to keep the Republicans out the White House in 2008, isn't it also about time that we stop putting disingenuous, lying assholes who will say anything to get elected there?

spray paint philosophy

I tend to agree with this -- maybe that's why I'm such a recluse. On the other hand, one could say that I'm something of an optimist, since I'm not yet convinced that ALL people are dicks.